LAS Doctor – ST grade. Will be covering General Surgery & A&E – Shetland

Head Medical
Shetland Islands
Competitive, contact Nimrit for further details.
02 Apr 2019
30 Apr 2019
Contract Type
Full Time

Who are we?

NHS Shetland is an integrated NHS Board in Scotland providing primary, community, mental health, and hospital and community services. Mr Ralph Roberts is the Chief Executive and Dr Gilbert Ozuzu is the Medical Director. Mrs Kathleen Carolan is the Director of Nursing and Acute Services.

The NHS Board determines strategy allocates resources and provides governance across the health system working in partnership with the Integrated Joint Board for Health and Social care services.


About NHS Shetland

NHS Shetland is the most northerly Health Service in the country and a unique setting in which to develop your career. We are, of course, a small organisation, with circa 690 staff looking after the health needs of some 23,000 people spread across 15 islands. However, what we lack in size, we more than make up for by way of the tight-knit, highly professional ethos that characterises every aspect of our operations. Local Hospital and Community Services are provided from the Gilbert Bain Hospital. In addition, visiting consultants from NHS Grampian provide out-patient clinics as well as in-patient and day-case surgery to supplement the service provided by our locally-based Consultants in General Medicine, General Surgery, Anaesthetics and Psychiatry. We have a progressive agenda within the Shetland and work in partnership, not only with other local stakeholders but with the NHS in Scotland as a whole and NHS Grampian in particular.

Our job – your job should you care to join us – is to provide healthcare services to, and strive to improve the overall health of, the population of this most delightful part of the British Isles. As well as the Gilbert Bain Hospital there are Local Community Services, which are provided via GPs and Community Nurses , Dentists, Pharmacists, Allied health Professionals and Social Care workers working from one of our ten Health Centres/ or Care Homes and other locations including mobile units and schools. All in all, you’ll find a superb degree of professionalism allied to a practical, resolute approach to the challenges of providing healthcare in a northern island setting.


Working at NHS Shetland

What’s it like to work in the Health Service in Shetland? Well, the remote and rural nature of our service brings its own challenges, however you can be assured that the facilities and equipment are as good as any you’ll get on the mainland. Moreover, the friendliness and professionalism of your new colleagues will help you quickly to find your feet and feel at home in your new surroundings.

Living in Shetland

We cheerfully admit that Shetland is not for everyone, but if you value working in a team, providing a broad range of clinical interventions and living in one of the most beautiful parts of Scotland then Shetland may be for you.


What we can offer you

Working with NHS Shetland offers a variety of opportunities and benefits:

• Access to the NHS pension scheme

• Assistance relocating to Shetland

• NHS Shetland is an equal opportunities employer and promotes work-life balance and family-friendly policies

• A beautiful setting to live and work and to take time out after a busy day or week

• Access to a transport network offering easy travel links to the rest of the UK and Europe, as well as international options

Teaching and Training Opportunities & Research

Continuing education and professional development (CEPD)

The Board recognises this to be a crucial aspect of the appointment as part of its provision of high-quality health care and responsibility for clinical governance. CEPD is undertaken not only in line with individual Personal Development Plans but also as part of departmental service development.

A medical library has been recently established and is rapidly evolving under the guidance of senior medical and nursing staff. Internet access, the e-library and an on-line retrieval system is available locally. Arrangements exist for access to the extensive medical library at Aberdeen Royal Infirmary for research and study purposes not catered for in Shetland.

CEPD programmes are encouraged and take full advantage of study leave opportunities. Requests are considered flexibly to allow for the difficulties of off-island travel. The Board is at the forefront of videoconference use as an innovative tool to support remote learning. In recognition of the potential difficulties of professional isolation the Board also looks favourably on short secondments to other units, especially if designed to update clinical skills or to further develop clinical networks.

Clinical audit is regarded as an integral part of the CEPD package: some assistance and guidance in performing clinical audit is available from the Clinical and Governance Team. Regular inter-

departmental meetings are being developed to capitalise on local expertise and to enhance cross-fertilisation of knowledge, and videoconferencing is used to access Deanery and Royal College Programmes. Inter-disciplinary ward ‘mortality and morbidity’/governance meetings are currently scheduled every two weeks.

Regular service-wide multi-disciplinary clinical governance activities are in place.

Outside the hospital the local Postgraduate Education Adviser organises an active postgraduate training programme for doctors in both primary and secondary care and all are encouraged to participate. In addition mainland experts are invited at intervals to lecture both to this group and to local symposia.

Whilst small we do provide teaching and training opportunities for junior doctors.

We enjoy close links with the University of Aberdeen ( whose Medical School is renowned for preparing its medical students to become doctors.

Our vision, values and strategic aims

We strive to provide high quality, safe, effective and person centred healthcare, continually improving clinical outcomes for patients who use our services and for our population as a whole.

To achieve this, we are committed to ever-closer integrated working with patients and our other partners in healthcare and to embedding a culture of continuous improvement to ensure that:

We have identified five strategic objectives to ensure we can deliver safe, effective and person-centred health and social care:

1. To improve and protect the health of the people of Shetland

2. To provide quality, effective and safe services, delivered in the most appropriate setting for the patient

3. To redesign services where appropriate, in partnership, to ensure a modern sustainable local health service

4. To provide best value for resources and deliver financial balance

5. To ensure sufficient organisational capacity, capability and resilience


To deliver sustainable high quality, local health and care services, that are suited to the needs of the population; to make best use of our community strength, community spirit and involvement; for people to make healthy lifestyle choices, and use their knowledge and own capacity to look after themselves and each other.


Person centered – in the partnerships between patients, their families and those delivering healthcare services we respect individual needs and values and demonstrate care and compassion, continuity, clear communication and shared decision-making.

Safe – avoiding injury or harm, in an environment that is clean and safe.


Effective – the most appropriate treatments, interventions, support and services provided to everyone who will benefit.

Efficient – making best use of available resources, and the eradication of wasteful or harmful variation.

Equitable – taking account of and valuing diversity, promoting equality, fairness.

Timely - linked to effective: services in the right place at the right time, reducing waiting times wherever possible.

Sustainable – using resources responsibility, to continue to provide services locally.

Ambitious – always striving to be better for our patients, staff and service

Geography 60º North

The islands of Shetland lie scattered like the pieces of an elongated puzzle some 93 miles (150 km.) north of the Scottish Mainland. The capital, Lerwick is 211 miles (340 km.) from the Scottish port of Aberdeen and only about 18 miles (29 km) more than this from Bergen in Norway and Torshavn in the Faroe Islands.

The 60-degree line of latitude lies across the South Mainland of Shetland, passing through the small island of Mousa with its famous broch. There are over 100 islands ranging in size from the large island of Mainland (351 square miles/909 square kilometres) to the numerous small skerries and islets along the coast.

The distance from Sumburgh Head, the most southerly tip of Mainland, to Hermaness at the most northerly tip of Unst, is about 70 miles (113 km). North of Unst lies Muckle Flugga with its lighthouse perched 192ft. (59m) above sea level; the most northerly inhabited island in the British Isles.

Fair Isle is 24 miles (39 km) south-west of Sumburgh Head and lies mid-way between Shetland and Orkney. Foula, off the West Mainland, is about 18 miles (29 km) west of Walls.

Travelling to Shetland

Shetland lies at the crossroads of the North Sea and the North Atlantic, virtually equidistant from Aberdeen, Bergen in Norway and the Faroe Islands, and there are frequent, efficient air and sea services through Aberdeen.

Most major airports and cities in the UK have scheduled flights to Shetland through Aberdeen (50 minute flight), Edinburgh (1hour 20minutes) and Glasgow (1hour 30 minutes). Northlink Ferries currently operate car ferries seven days a week direct from Aberdeen to Shetland on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays (via Orkney on Tuesdays, Thursdays, Saturdays and Sundays) in comfortable, well-appointed vessels. There are also connections to Scrabster in Caithness (via Orkney).

The ferry journey from Aberdeen to Shetland takes between 12-14 hours, leaving Aberdeen at 1900 hours direct (1700 via Orkney) and arriving in Shetland 0730 hours the following morning. The return journey similarly leaves Lerwick at 1900 hours direct (1730 via Orkney).