Dermatology Fellow

Across East and West Sussex, Surrey and West Kent
£54,000 + benefits, £2k training allowance and £8k bonus upon completion of 2 year fellowship
19 Mar 2019
19 Apr 2019
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Fixed Contract
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The duration of our Fellowship Programme is two years. We expect all appointees to commit to the full duration of the programme to assist in service delivery planning and support of the Fellowship curriculum.

At the end of the 2-year Fellowship we expect the Fellows to have achieved competency in:

  • Mohs micrographics skin surgery
  • Advanced skin surgery including skin flaps, full-thickness and split-skin grafting
  • Laser therapy including use of carbon dioxide laser ablation, ND;Yag, Alexandrite, Intense  
  • Pulsed Light, and KTP lasers
  • Botulinum toxin therapy for aesthetic purposes, hyperhidrosis and migraines
  • Dermal fillers
  • Sclerotherapy Leg Thread Veins
  • Radiofrequency Skin Tightening

Each Fellow will be assessed for competency and receive signed certification in each technique by means of an electronic logbook.

About Medical Clinics Ltd

We are an independent provider of NHS services, as well as a private sector leader in dermatology, comprising of Sussex Community Dermatology Service, laser and Skin Clinics, Medical Clinics Ltd and R&F Emerson LLP.

Our services would not be able to function without our incredible team of administration and clinical staff, whose commitment and hard work make us one of the largest providers of dermatology services in the UK.

NHS Services

Our services are commissioned by the NHS (i.e. we are an independent provider, not an extension of the NHS itself). Our NHS services include Sussex Community Dermatology Service (Coastal West Sussex, Crawley, Horsham and Mid Sussex), Surrey Dermatology Service, Brighton Dermatology Service and West Kent Dermatology and we have a combined caseload of almost 40,000 patients.

We have administration hubs based in Worthing and Borough Green, and a dedicated team of administration, reception, secretarial and management staff.

Our NHS clinics are largely conducted in a community setting (i.e. within GP surgeries and local practices) which is far more familiar and convenient for patients.

Private Practice

We are sector leader in private dermatology services, and have three state of the art facilities; Hove Skin Clinic, Brighton Laser Clinic and Worthing Laser and Skin Clinic.

These clinics are renowned in the area as centres of excellence, and have sophisticated equipment for the diagnosis and management of skin conditions, both cosmetic and medical in nature.

Prior Experience in Skin Surgery, Lasers and Aesthetics

Fellows are expected to be competent in basic skin surgery techniques prior to be considered for the fellowship. Experience of lasers or aesthetics is not considered necessary. Full training will be provided in more advanced skin surgery, Mohs surgery and medical aesthetics. By completion of the Fellowship, trainees are expected to be highly competent in a range of skin flaps, skin-grafting techniques, and reconstruction of difficult areas. They should also gain an understanding of the limits of their own competency and need to refer to other specialist teams. Fellows will gain competency in working with other multi-disciplinary team members including Plastic Surgeons, Maxillofacial & Oral Surgeons and Oculoplastic Surgeons. They should be familiar with the treatment of surgical complications such as delayed wound healing, infection, and haematoma. Full training will be provided in the management of aesthetic and laser complications.

Practical Training

Fellows will work alongside a highly-motivated team of staff comprising of Consultant Dermatologists, Consultant Plastic Surgeons and Consultant Maxillo-Facial Surgeons. Practical supervision will be given in surgery, laser therapy and cosmetic practice by leading experts. This will include one-to-one training sessions and direct supervision of more advanced techniques. Fellows will also be expected to work independently throughout the clinical schedule each week with close links to the supervising consultants.

Surgical training will be undertaken across a range of acute NHS trusts, community hospitals and dedicated dermatology outpatient settings including day case units within acute NHS trusts and the three private clinic locations associated with Medical Clinics Limited.

Fellows are expected to work hard in the 2 years to establish clinical skills and to make the most of the opportunity to work with leading experts in the area.

Didactic Training

Fellows will be expected to attend a weekly evening fellowship training session held each Monday 6.00pm - 7.30pm either at Hove Skin Clinic or Worthing Laser & Skin Clinic. This session will be dedicated to formal training and tutorials in skin surgery, Mohs surgery, laser therapy, medical aesthetics, and cosmetic practice. This will be led by a core group of supervising consultants who are recognised experts in these advanced techniques. Fellows are expected to contribute to these training sessions and the programme by preparing for tutorials and presentations.

Information Technology and Clinical Systems

Fellows will be expected to work with a range of acute NHS trust IT systems and medical software run by Medical Clinics Ltd which includes a fully customised clinical electronic patient record system. The main IT system run by Medical Clinics Ltd is fully customised for dermatology clinical services including skin lesion clinics, 2WW clinics, biopsy charts, daycase surgical charts, Mohs, phototherapy, patch-testing and would complications. We have a clinical database that captures over 100,000 NHS episodes of care per annum.

Presentations at Meetings and Training

SEEDS (South East Education for Dermatology Services)

Fellows will be expected to participate in a training programme led and run by Medical Clinics Ltd called SEEDS (South East Education for Dermatology Services). This programme runs quarterly Thursday educational meetings for medical doctors, general practitioners, nurses and allied health practitioners in dermatology. This educational programme includes audit, clinical governance, complaints, and service improvement discussions.

South West Thames Dermatology Meetings

Fellows will be expected to attend a minimum of two South West Thames Dermatology meetings per annum typically held every 3-4 months. This may include case presentations and audit presentations.

Tumour Network Group Meetings

Fellows will be expected to attend a minimum of 4 tumour network meetings and will be expected to do at least one audit presentation or clinical presentation at a meeting during the 2-year duration. Tumour Network Meetings are held in Surrey, Kent and Sussex. The learning objective of attendance at these meeting is to see how acute NHS trusts and organisations provide skin cancer care across the local geographical population. It will allow a greater understanding of how cancer networks function at a clinical and oncological level.

Royal Society of Medicine Dermatology Section Meetings

Fellows who are CCST registered in Dermatology are expected to attend 2 meetings per annum at the Royal Society of Medicine. This can include dermatology section meetings or British Society of Dermatological Surgery section meetings.

Salary and Benefits

Annual Salary and Bonus

Fellows will be paid an annual salary of £54,000 per annum for the 2-year duration of the Fellowship. On completion of the full 2-year Fellowship, a bonus payment of £8,000 will be paid to ensure completion of the full programme. The salary will attract full NHS pension scheme entitlements to those who are eligible. Gross pay will be £54,000 less any deductions for NHS pensions, tax and national insurance. This salary has been enhanced by £6000 to account for travelling costs and parking.

Postgraduate Course Allowances

Fellows will be allocated £2000 for postgraduate education/external training. This educational allowance should be used towards external education on dermatological or Mohs surgery. Recommended courses would include:

  • Fundamentals of Mohs Surgery – San Diego
  • British Society of Dermatological Surgery Advanced Course

Fellows are expected to fund other expenses through additional remuneration that can be obtained from use of non-scheduled clinical time during the working week and at weekends.

Additional Fellowship Income

Fellows may use free sessions during the working week and at weekends to increase their remuneration package by providing service support to the organisation. These will be paid at a fixed sessional rate for the following:

  • Outpatient Clinic (14 New/Mixed Patients):             £300
  • Daycase Theatre Session (4-5 cases):                   £300
  • Minor Ops Theatre Session (5-6 cases):                 £300
  • Private session – 30% of invoiced fees (Year 2 of Fellowship onwards)

A Fellow wishing to provide support to services working 2 sessions per week extra would expect to earn an additional income of £30,000 per annum in addition to the basic salary of £54,000 per annum. Higher levels of income generation can be generated above this level by working hard for service delivery but is not mandatory. This includes options for Saturday morning sessions alongside the consultant team.

External Income

Fellows will not be allowed to undertake any external paid work other than that agreed by Medical Clinics Limited or associated organisations. Should any Fellow be found to have undertaken external work without permission, it would be considered gross misconduct and potential grounds for summary dismissal with immediate effect.

Future Permanent Options for Working

Fellows who successfully complete a full 2-year programme and integrate well with the existing team of Consultants may be invited to consider joining the clinical team longer-term. Such posts would present as a unique opportunity to work with other high calibre clinical staff and in cohesive clinical teams.

It is anticipated that future contracts will create acute consultant posts with flexible working programmes across acute, community and private services. Consultants will be in a position to enjoy appointments in local acute NHS trusts and receive high levels of remuneration from NHS and private services. We would expect consultants to earn in excess of £180,000 per annum if successfully appointed to such posts in the future.

It is anticipated there will be permanent consultant positions available at Eastbourne & Hastings Hospitals and possibly Worthing/Chichester/Surrey longer-term.

Clinical Timetables

Each Fellow will be expected to rotate their timetable each year providing experience across the service. Timetables may vary based on the availability of operating theatre space and clinical consulting room space across locations. All timetables will feature clinical work at Eastbourne and Hastings Hospitals with consideration for long-term consultant appointments.

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