General Practitioner with Special Interest in Emergency Medicine

Kingston upon Hull, East Riding of Yorkshire
To Be Confirmed
19 Mar 2019
16 Apr 2019
GP, Hospital
Emergency medicine
Career Level
GP training (other)
Contract Type
Fixed Contract

It is a really exciting time in the Emergency Department and we are keen to hear from local GPs who want to expand their scope of work, take on a new role or just work in a different setting.  There are a variety of options available that have been developed to suit interested parties. Working with the local Commissioning Groups, the trust have developed an updated model of service provision that is focused on delivering the right care for patients at the point of contact. Over the years, this post has attracted and retained numerous GPs and we are looking to expand.

This role will be an integral part of the expanding team of health care practitioners working in the new Emergency Department at Hull University Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust. Evidence from both Primary Care and Emergency Medicine studies has identified a proportion of patients attending Emergency Departments who can often be dealt with better by a GP than by junior hospital staff. Using this information we are looking to expand the range of skills offered to patients presenting to the Emergency Department at Hull Royal Infirmary

GPs will work on a sessional basis within the adult emergency care area of the department alongside specialty doctors, specialist nurse practitioners, physiotherapists and mental health nursing staff. They will be based in the newly built Primary Care Area.

How does it work?

The role will be to consult and review patients presenting to the department with conditions that would be usually managed better in a primary care setting. Patients will self-check in via the Clarity electronic system and streamed to “GP” or are nurse triaged to the “GP stream”. High risk patients will remain the priority of the emergency department specialist staff but there will be opportunities to vary your caseload depending on the mix of staff available. The anticipated caseload for the primary care work stream would be expected to be similar to that working within your own practice. The assessment and management of such patients should be as per in the community. Although these patients would be streamed to be seen by a General Practitioner, they will still be subject to the Trust and national 4- hour key performance indicator.  Senior department staff will be available at all times for support and advice with direct access to the on-call specialists within the Trust.

The sessions are available for between 9am to 10pm seven days a week. While a minimum of eight hours per shift is the preferred model the department allows for flexibility and the ability to pick and choose a work pattern that suits individual GPs. Each session would have a maximum of two GPs. We would also welcome GPs applying who would like a fixed commitment each week.

Full training with the Trust IT system will be provided and work undertaken within the department will fall under the governance framework of the department and Trust. As such, the expectation is that staff will be aware of and follow local operating procedures.  

Support for appraisal and revalidation can be provided with recognition of the work undertaken within the department, however, responsibility for revalidation shall remain with either individual GPs or the main employing practice, dependent on the working arrangements agreed.

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