High Risk Obstetric Consultant

Dubai (Emirate) (AE)
29 Oct 2018
24 Dec 2018
Contract Type
Full Time


  • monitoring for high risk pregnancies by ultrasound and electronic fetal monitoring tests,
  • frequent prenatal care, and improved patient education 
  • expert in managing problems of mothers and unborn babies
  • Extensive knowledge of Obstetrics and Gynecology and have the appropriate clinical skills relevant to the appointment.
  • Performs Ultrasound studies for diagnosis including assessment of fetal growth, development and age and evaluation for fetal anomalies.
  • Performs Ultrasound evaluation for fetal and umbilical Doppler studies. 
  • Evaluation and treatment of high risk pregnancies.
  • Management of high risk deliveries such as forceps, ventouse, LSCS and complications of delivery (PPH, hematoma etc)
  • Post partum care of normal and high risk patients.


  • Need to be expert in dealing with medical, fetal and genetic complications of pregnancy.
  • Perform regular prenatal care for women with High risk pregnancy.
  • Manage Diabetes, hypertension and other complications in pregnancy.
  • Expert in USS, to detect fetal anomalies and growth scan.
  • Able to perform CVS, amniocentesis an umbilical cord blood sampling.
  • Monitor labour and handling deliveries.


  • Management of female patients with Pelvic Organ Prolapse , Urinary Incontinence recto – vaginal and visico- vaginal fistulae
  • Maintain and develop existing levels of patients care
  • Supervise urodynamic assessment of voiding dysfunction
  • Participate in and provide relevant education for patients and patients care providers
  • Liaise and attend meetings with other health care professionals to promote multi disciplinary team work as needed
  • Maintain standard patients reports and records in the best confidential manner


  • Responsible for the delivery of high quality evidence-based assisted reproductive medicine services.
  • Regularly reviews results of all investigations and modifies treatment as required.
  • Delivers safe, effective, and holistic clinical services within accepted standards of care.
  • Accurately documents all relevant clinical information in a clear and timely fashion in accordance with established procedures.
  • Supports, implements, and follows all hospital, departmental and divisional initiatives, policies and procedures.
  • Liaises with colleagues, All Health staff, nursing, administrative and support services staff for additional input as required.
  • Demonstrates an active interest in educating and fostering future academic leaders nationally and internationally through active participation in education initiatives.
  • Demonstrates an active interest and involvement in research. 
  • Demonstrates commitment to Continued Medical Education (CME).
  • Performs other clinical responsibilities as assigned.
  • Performs egg collection and TESA-PESA and testicular biopsy.
  • Performs embryo transfer under USS.


  • Manage complications associated with premature babies
  • Review reports about pre-natal features and/or abnormalities from OB/GYNs.
  • Lead a specialized team to provide care for premature births and newborns with birth defects or serious illnesses.
  • Develop specialized treatment plans on a case by case basis.
  • Work with nutritionists to provide dietary plans for newborns in the critical care unit.
  • Stabilize newborns after cesarean sections or other traumatic births.
  • Provide outpatient follow-up care for critical patients.
  • Consult with families about patient conditions and provide recommendations for care.
  • Evaluate the severity of newborn illnesses and/or deformities.
  • Follow-up with pediatricians for long-term care.

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