Academic Clinical Fellowships

East Midlands
02 Oct 2017
06 Nov 2017
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Fixed Contract

Health Education East Midlands in partnership with the University of Nottingham & the University of Leicester

Applications from talented and enthusiastic doctors in training who seek a career combining research, teaching and the care of patients are invited for NIHR Academic Clinical Fellowships (ACFs). Full details of the NIHR ACF scheme including a person specification are available on the NIHR website. Job descriptions and further information can be found at the University of Nottingham and University of Leicester webpages.

Posts are available in the following NIHR Priority Research Themes in the following specialties at the given levels. Details of the research available in these areas is available via the links in the table below:

University of Leicester

Platform Science -Cardiology or Respiratory Medicine or Clinical Pharmacology and Therapeutics (all at CMT 1/2 or ST3)

Older People and Complex Health Needs – Geriatric Medicine (CMT 1/2 or ST3)) or Vascular Surgery (ST3) or General (Internal) Medicine (CMT 1/2 or ST3)

Acute Care - Emergency Medicine (ACCS) or Anaesthetics (ACCS or Anaesthetics) or Intensive Care Medicine (ACCS or Anaesthetics) (all ST1)

University of Nottingham

Platform Science: Gastroenterology (ST1/ST2/ST3) or Medical Oncology (ST3) or Medical Microbiology (ST3)

Dementia: Old Age Psychiatry (ST3/ST4) or Clinical Radiology (ST1) or Histopathology (ST2)

Medical Education: Paediatrics (ST1/ST2) or Renal Medicine (ST1/ ST3) or Old Age Psychiatry (ST3/ST4)

Posts linked to general research are available in the following specialities and levels:

University of Leicester

1: Clinical Radiology (ST1) or Ophthalmology (ST1) or General Surgery (ST3)

2: Renal Medicine or Respiratory Medicine or Endocrinology and Diabetes (all CMT 1/2 or ST3)

3: Vascular Surgery (ST3) or Obstetrics and Gynaecology (ST1) or Medical Oncology (CMT 1/2 or ST3)

4: Infectious Diseases (CMT 1/2 or ST3) or Haematology (CMT 1/2 or ST3) or Public Health Medicine (ST1)

5: General Surgery (ST3), commencing before 31.03.2018

Additional locally funded ACFs are available in:

6: General Practice (ST1)

7: Paediatrics (ST1)

University of Nottingham

1: Renal Medicine (ST3) or Clinical Oncology (ST3) or Paediatrics (ST1/ST2)

2: Medical Oncology (ST3) or Rheumatology (ST1) or Anaesthetics (ST1/ST3)

3: Paediatrics (ST1/ST2) or Anaesthetics (ST1/ST3) or Geriatric Medicine (ST3)

4: Respiratory Medicine (ST3) or Gastroenterology (ST1/ST2/ST3) or Clinical Radiology (ST1)

5: Respiratory Medicine (ST3) or Gastroenterology (ST1/ST2/ST3) or Public Health Medicine (ST1)

6: Clinical Radiology (ST1) or Paediatrics (ST1/ST2) commencing before 31.03.2018

7: Old Age Psychiatry (ST3/ST4) commencing before 31.03.2018

Additional locally funded ACFs are available in:

8. Anaesthetics (ST1)

9. General Practice (ST1)

Please note that an appointment may not be made in every specialty listed. There will be 1 ACF post awarded in competition for each of the specialities listed together under each post above.

For further details of levels and specialties offered within each programme see:

University of Nottingham: Nottingham’s Clinical Academic Training Programme

University of Leicester: Leicester’s Clinical Academic Training Programme

All applications for these posts must be submitted via the Oriel website

Opening date: 9th October 2017; Closing Date: 6th November 2017;

Interview Dates: 18th December 2017 (University of Nottingham) and 13th, 14th December 2017 (University of Leicester)

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