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About Alecto Australia

Alecto Australia – The GP Specialists

Recruiting and relocating GPs to Australia

At Alecto Australia, we are committed to finding GP jobs that suit your individual preferences and the lifestyle you want. 

We can help by:

  • Matching you with the best GP jobs in Australia, with the best pay and conditions.  We have the largest selection of permanent GP vacancies in Australia, so we can find the best suited and paid job for you.
  • Providing advice about the best schools (if you have Children) and the best suburbs to live in, keeping in mind your commute to work and lifestyle preferences.  Being based in Australian allows us to help with these important aspects. 
  • Guiding you through the registration process. The registration process can be long and complicated, and some recruiters have limited experience with UK candidates. But as we have been relocating GPs for 5 years we can provide accurate and timely advice, making it quicker and easier for you.
  • Getting your 457 visa quickly and easily approved. We work excellent migration agents based in both The UK and Australia, so this is never an issue for the GPs we work with.
  • Providing a free service to you. We are paid by your future employer, so there is no cost to you.

We pride ourselves on being good ‘match makers’. Beyond our database of GP vacancies and GP candidates, we offer a discreet, personalised service that matches GPs with the most suitable jobs.

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